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Welcome to the help/FAQ section of our digi-shop!

How does purchasing a game work?
After successful completion of the payment process you get a link from where to download the game. After that you simply install it – no separate key, activation or registration is necessary.

What payment options are available?

Can I make a safety copy of a game?
You can safe purchased games to disk (e.g. burn them to CD or DVD) to have a safety copy for your archive.

Can I install a purchased game on several PCs simultaneously?
No, your end user license only allows you to install the game on a single PC at a time. You are free however to de-install the game on one PC to install it on another.

I have bought a new PC. Can I install my existing games on it?
Yes, as long as you de-install them from your old PC beforehand (also see above).

Can I sell on purchased games?
No, you are not allowed to resell games that have been purchased from our digi-shop.

I can’t find the demo for a specific game?
Where we have them available we have furnished the games with demo versions, however not every game has one. In some cases there is a Flashgame instead or in addition, if that is the case it is noted accordingly.

More or other questions?
If your question relates to the payment system please contact our partner Micropayment.
If you have uncovered questions relating to our games please contact our Game-Support.


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