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Pinball till you drop
Since there have been born-and-bred pinball machines with Crazy Chicken, it was only a matter of time until some pinball games were created in Crazy Chicken design.
And now the time has finally come. Even if one is looking in vain at the game center in the corner one can play five tables in: Crazy Chicken Pinball Vol. 1

The game
The principle of the game is well-known: a ball is catapulted onto the table and has to be kept within the game as long as possible by using so called pinball fingers. In doing so, one can score hitting several items.
You can prove your capacity of reaction on the five tables whose design is derived from different games from the Crazy Chicken series (e.g. Crazy Chicken Kart, Crazy Chicken Adventure, etc.).

Language: English
Size: ca. 15 MB
Price: € 4.99



• Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
• Pentium III 700 MHz or higher
• 128 MB RAM
• Video card with 32 MB
• 50 MB Hard Disc Space
• DirectX 8 Soundcard


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