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Before the first ever instalment of "Crazy Chicken" was released, the world was still mostly all right: lunch breaks were used for relaxation, and few people were interested in inconspicuous poultry flying around the Scottish Highlands relatively undisturbed.
But then came the year 2000, and the Original Crazy Chicken Hunt's impressive odyssey through the internet to the German store shelves.

Five years after the first Original Crazy Chicken Hunt, the hunters and the hunted return to where it all began. Crazy Chicken Remake is a new edition of the popular fun shooter with up-to-date graphics, improved animations and brand new music.
The established gameplay, however, stays the same: aim, shoot the birds out of the sky, reload.

Language: English
Size: ca. 6 MB
Price: € 4.99

(german version)



• Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
• Pentium III 800 MHz
• 128 MB RAM
• Video Card with 16 MB
•DirectX 8.1, 16-Bit Soundcard
•150 MB Hard Disc Space


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