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Here we go hunting grouse again! The long-awaited release of CRAZY CHICKEN X finally enabled the game's fans to go grouse hunting again. In developing this game, we here in the Crazy Chicken roost went back to the basics again. So, CRAZY CHICKEN X again contains some hidden highlights for the players to discover, but the main issue is the number of grouse you manage to hit.

The Game
Much of what the fans have grown so fond of over the years has of course remained. The grouse fly (New: ... and run!) across the landscape, and are knocked down with well-aimed salvos from the hunter's gun as often possible in 90 seconds. Other than that, there's a new design, an altered grouse, new puzzles, new characters and much, much more ...

Language: English
Size: ca. 15 MB
Price: € 4.99

(german version)



• Pentium II 500 MHz
• Windows XP/Windows Vista/Windows 7
• 128 MB RAM
• DirectX 3
• Video Card - PCI or AGP with 16 MB RAM
• Soundcard 16 Bit
• 150 MB Hard Disc Space


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